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Development Path
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development path

In 1997, we established a letter plastic mold processing factory and began to cooperate with customers such as Yongyi Cosmetics Company, Xinchang Remote Control, Yuhong Electronics Factory and embarked on the path of starting a business.


In 1998, started with the Dubbo, Grand Hyatt, Hong Mei and other clients.


In 1999, began to establish cooperation with Guoguang.


In 2000, the factory expanded the silk screen, pad printing, fuel injection workshop, began to provide customers with secondary processing services.


In 2003,Guangzhou Zhong Da Xiang Plastic Mould Limited Co.,Ltd   was established and obtained the international quality management system certification of GB / T19001: 2000 - ISO19001-2000, and started to cooperate with customers such as Dipsh & Li & Fung.


In 2007, the company introduced some advanced production equipment at home and abroad. The production capacity and production technology have been further strengthened and improved. In the same year, began to establish cooperation with Nanhai Branch of Foshan City, the sales market is more and more widely.


In 2008, moved into the new plant, since Zhongda Xiang own own plant, workshop environment, office space has been very well improved.


In 2009, the establishment of quality testing center, passed the ISO9001 review.


2010 and Matsushita Wanbao and other customers to establish relations of cooperation.


In 2012, the company obtained the ISO / TS16949 National Quality System Certification and started to establish cooperation with Japanese-funded enterprises such as Takashima Co., Ltd. and Fuji Machinery.

Since then, the company's business and Panasonic, Sony, Haman, Logitech, innovation and other foreign customers, and further to the international market.