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Guangzhou Zhong Da Xiang Plastic Mould Limited Co.,Ltd  . was established in April 2003, with plant area of over 30,000 square meters. Is a high-tech company which has been awarded the GB/T19001-2019,ISO14001-2020,IATF-16949  International Quality Management System Certification for the design and manufacture of professional molds, the design and production of injection molding and blow molding products, secondary processing and sales Private Enterprise. The company is located in:

Improve the corporate mechanism, a sound organizational structure, advanced production equipment, operating processes science. All employees in the company uphold the "quality first, the customer first, scientific management, excellence," the quality policy to meet the different needs of customers. The company is located in:

To market innovation as the fundamental, relying on scientific and technological innovation, Zhongda Cheung adhere to the principle. Good reputation, reasonable price and perfect service are Zhongda Xiang's commitment to every new and old customer. Your support is our confidence, your satisfaction is our pursuit. Wholeheartedly with the vast number of old and new customers, with you hand in hand toward a new area.

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